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Discussion: Chicago: The Chicago Transit Authority:

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Post by samayoeruorandajin February 25, 2015 (31 of 33)
rammiepie said:

The Aretha 4.0 DTS DVD, FD....what did you think I meant? You'll never find CTA 4.0 at anywhere near that price except at perhaps a tag sale (for what else, A BUCK!)

Aretha? No thanks.

Post by old hippie April 21, 2015 (32 of 33)
Alas for those that missed out on Rhino's Handmade issue of Chicago's chart-topping debut, CHICAGO TRANSIT AUTHORITY in true, discrete Quadraphonic sound for the first time ever. Mastered from early 1970s Quad mixes, the DVD offers unheralded takes on the band's unique fusion of rock and jazz. I purchased MOFI's version and, overall, have no complaints. But there is no comparison between it and Rhino's. Although I saw that someone said Rhino's version is still offered by Amazon, I don't believe this. It is OOP and no longer listed on Rhino Handmade's website of available product. The only other release that Rhino did of Quadraphonic sound was an Aretha Franklin title (also spectacular)that is still available. I dunno why they seemed to kill any future releases of this format. There are plenty of titles in the vaults out there. It's a shame...

Post by Imagerep September 18, 2015 (33 of 33)
Newbie here.
Just listened to CTA SACD from MOFI. Using all Denon high end equipment.

Overall pleased with the amazing sound quality over previous releases but need some of other advise here.

When my DVD/SACD player is set to SACD Stereo OR Multichannel, the disk is only sending out 2.0 channels (through my analog 5 ch out cables; Receiver set EXT IN). I'm ok as Stereo but my beef is I'm disappointed not having the subwoofer (2.1) at least as an option. Seems to me as a Stereo SACD, MOFI created this strictly as 2.0 channels, not 2.1

The only way it seems I'm able to output to the sub, is changing the Denon SACD unit to "CD" mode as it then outputs using the Digital Coax. I then change the Receiver from EXT IN to Stereo. Using this option obviously defeats the purpose/quality of SACD but my Denon receiver is then able to output to the sub. Of course I would prefer listening to SACD quality.

Did MOFI also release this same remaster in Vinyl?

Any comments here?

Edit add: I just finished listening to the entire SACD. Have to say it was amazing. Some tracks better than others in respect to mastering. As one comment I had read, it got better as the tracks progressed. My Vienna Acoustics main L/R speakers handled the low end better than expected and have to say listening at a moderate/high volume, they handled the low frequencies well enough without the sub. However I still feel the disk should had been produced with a 2.1 option.

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