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Discussion: Roger Waters: Amused To Death

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Post by Joerg Schlüter July 24, 2015 (111 of 114)

today I got this one as sacd.
It's a multichannel-hybrid sacd.
"Tape preparation and Restauration by James Guthrie and Chris Myring"
The Sound on my equipment in MCH is superb.


Joerg-Thomas Schlüter

Post by luna65 July 24, 2015 (112 of 114)
I received a complimentary copy of the SACD yesterday and gave it a good cranking at a time when my neighbors weren't apt to complain - it took me right back to the Surround preview last year (even if my speakers aren't ATCs), it's just so warm and expansive and the detail is excellent, particularly those elements which move from rear to front or in a circle (like the sleigh at the beginning of "Too Much Rope") and of course the transition between the two parts of "Late Home Tonight" is stunning if you've got it LOUD. So everything I wrote about the 5.1 mix last year still stands, of course, and I'm just so happy to FINALLY have the SACD and know this was the way JG meant us to hear his Surround mix.

Post by cupboy July 25, 2015 (113 of 114)
bmoura said:

According to CD Japan's web site, the Single Layer SACD edition of Amused to Death from Sony Japan has been postponed.

I wonder if Analogue Productions had anything to do with this "postponement" ... more likely just cancelled. Remember when a SHM SACD of Humble Pie Smokin' was announced and then cancelled? I suspect Analogue Productions there too.

Post by Marpow September 3, 2015 (114 of 114)
Well after the long wait, I finally received and listened to this multi channel Hybrid SACD.

I understand others Love/Hate with this disc. I really liked it and want to listen again.

The mch mix is superb, content/lyrics are cool, Water's voice, not a signing voice more of a talking voice.

I will say if you are into surround listening there is a tremendous amount to listen to, nuances, all over the place, nothing ambient about this disc, love it.

I have spent a lot of money on my listening machine, no regrets with this mix.

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