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Reviews: Blade Runner (soundtrack)

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Review by analogue July 18, 2013 (13 of 13 found this review helpful)
Performance:   Sonics:
This is a great release for sacd fans and it delivers in the audio department too.

Most Hollywood composers will either release the score from the original master tapes, re-record the music or have someone else record their version of events. For this release by Vangelis he seemed to remix and re-record some portions of the original score and also add some additional instruments. When he released his cd version back in the day he most definitely had an very particular idea of what he wished to convey to the prospective listeners. However puritanical one collector might be this is a very excellent version to own even if its not exactly the usual soundtrack release.

This is complete ear candy in every way and this sacd is terrific. When comparing this newly mastered Dsd sacd to the special edition cd of several years ago one is struck by several improvements right off the bat.
1) The music is so much more cohesive and intelligible. When one considers the multi-track layers of sound and music and vocals...this is very important. All of the pulsating rhythms are felt much more.

2) The is so much more heft, weight and power behind the music and sound now as compared to the cd.
As with all great sacd's this release is highly crankable but don't get can get pretty powerful. So be forewarned.

This soundtrack and its 12 tracks was structured by Vangelis to flow into each other organically with nary a break so the music is a continual sound-scape. I can also imagine fans of this work, when the volume is increased to the appropriate level to find themselves taken away from their conscious realm and get lost into a more subconscious place....a place where its not bad to be immersed in.

Yeah....this music is awesome. There are a myriad of musical ideas and flavors here.......a touch of Jazz, Arabic tempo;s, romance and obviously Sci Fi in tone. This music is far from boring and one never gets tired or impatient at all. You;ll become one with your couch as it were and you aint going anywhere any time soon.

Sound stage is good but not over the top. 3 dimensional feel is also good but not of a pronounced character as this is a more mid range musical event. There is so much mixed into the sound that its impossible for any one element to really reach out and grab you. This is not a complaint......merely an observation. Vangelis was after tone and structure and that gut level feel where the music is almost an assault on the senses.

If you want evocative and dynamic music this is it. Every track is so different from the previous one that its like I mentioned ear candy.
The sound on this sacd is excellent in every way. I could wonder a little critically if I wanted too. I could, for example wonder if the low end could be a tiny bit deeper even though this sacd has an excellent low end. I might also mention if there could be better treble even though this disc does a more than adequate job here.

I cant imagine any one who is a fan of this release being let down in any way. If you have low floor noise on your are in for a treat I promise you that. Tons if little details only hinted at on the cd are realized here. The raw power and force of this Vangelis masterpiece is palpable .
however ITS OUR EMOTIONAL RESPONSE TO this sacd that is really the important thing. You will get lost.
Play it loud.

Excellent job MR. GRAY.

Highly recommended. An essential sacd release. Multi channel is not an option here.....mores the pity.

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Review by soundzgood January 16, 2015 (1 of 1 found this review helpful)
Vangelis has a touch for blending extreme subtlety and nuance into compositions evocative of things beautiful, flowing and grand. It makes for a sound and texture easy to recognize anywhere, anytime.

If you haven't heard this, you must. It's a grand journey when one auditions this soundtrack. It has never sounded better. Whether it is Mary Hopkins' vocal performance in "Rachel's song", The dialogs of "Blush response" or the rolling deep notes of the "End titles", or perhaps, the suave, decadent and lingering note from Dick Morrissey's saxophone in the "Love theme".

Something in there will grab your attention, and hypnotize you into playing this disc many times over. Enjoy it like a good 21 years old premium scotch; kill the TV, send the "significant other" shopping or something, get the kids and dog out of the room, put on your slippers, sit in your best chair, and enjoy the pure audio bliss.

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