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Reviews: Peter Gabriel: Shaking the Tree

Reviews: 6

Review by emilsjr June 1, 2003 (7 of 7 found this review helpful)
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After So and before Us, Peter Gabriel culled together 16 of his greatest songs onto one cd. Most people complain that "In Your Eyes" was not included. This was a personal decision made by Mr Gabriel and so no complaints here.

However, there is a lot to complain about this SACD. Since all of his albums were released on SACD, you would think that the transfers would be identical. That is not the case. As the story goes, the songs here were edited to allow all of them to fit on one CD. So different transfers are used. And boy, did Universal make a mistake. The whole disc has a veil over it that makes SACD sound like a poor CD. Just compare "Solsbury Hill" here with the Peter Gabriel 1 disc and you will instantly want to throw away this Golden Great disc into the trash.

It is a shame because I actually prefer the re-recording of "Here Comes The Flood" that is present here. Some of the edits actually make the songs stronger ("Sledgehammer", "Shock the Monkey") while others do nothing but harm ("I Have The Touch" and the especially "Mercy Street"). Overall, stay away and buy the albums proper. Your ears will thank you.

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Review by Marc P June 4, 2003 (2 of 2 found this review helpful)
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I don't really like Peter Gabriel but I do like some of his songs. So I thought buying this greatest hits collection would be a good idea. Well even though I like most of the songs the sound quality is pretty bad. At it's best the disc sounds like a good cd, at it's worst like a bad cd. So my advice would be, buy the cd version it's cheaper and probably sounds the same.

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Review by duchski March 27, 2007 (4 of 10 found this review helpful)
If you are a Gabriel fan looking for a great sounding (seriously) multichannel mix of his studio work there is a "Play" DVD with an excellent DTS 5.1, containing most of Gabriel's hits, a selection, in my opinion, much better than Shaking The Tree, plus you get to see all of Gabriel's fantastic videos... Now if Warner only wanted to release this gem on SACD...

Peter Gabriel "Play - The Videos"
2004 WEA/Warner R2 970396

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Review by lutefisk69 November 24, 2007 (0 of 4 found this review helpful)
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I truly like the Peter Gabriel Cd's. This was however my first one of his SACD's and quite honestly I am not impressed. If this is 5.1 I must have a lot more hearing loss then I thought. I would still listen to this CD because I lke the music, but I think if all his SACD's are like this one I may not bother with buying another one.

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Review by burn808 February 12, 2008 (1 of 2 found this review helpful)
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Must agree re: sonic quality of this compilation SACD. Like most other compilations the masters are different and probably processed differently to enable uniformity. To lutefisk69, if you hadn't already noticed, none of the Gabriel SACDs are multi-channel except Up, which by the way is reference quality (to my ears anyway)... I now have the entire SACD collection - buy before they're deleted forever!

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Review by progboy December 10, 2012
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Well after all these medicore reviews how can i say anything good about this sacd release!!!

I guess compilations are always subject to criticism ....songs left off and sure i would have liked myself other tracks but i am happy with this set to be honest.

I only have peter gabriel security on sacd so it is hard for me to compare all the songs here vs the other ones .....i admit this upfront

There are some reasons why this is a very cool album to own the remix versions of "I have the touch" and "I dont remember" or "Shaking the tree" (which i never owned the studio version of after all and love the tune). I also heard things on these songs that i never heard before like the harmonies on "big time" or the end bit of "sledgehammer" . The other big reason to own this sacd is the beautiful piano solo'd version of "here comes the flood" which plays ode to Fripp's "exposure" album where he does something similar.

There are also some negatives on this sacd release like the inconsistent sound....some songs are mixed quieter and some louder........this requires continous volume management. Like the others I am sure the sacd of secuity does sound better than this compilation......i dont know why they used different masters. But having said that i think this sacd does sound still pretty darn good. I think the other criticism is that 5 of the 16 tracks come from the "So" album.....a bit over the top on that one me thinks.

But in the end I wont trade or sell this sacd .............its just too good

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