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Reviews: Peter Gabriel: So

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Review by jose1964 March 21, 2007 (6 of 15 found this review helpful)
Performance:   Sonics:
A veces me pregunto porqué se sacan en sacd algunos discos que no merecen la pena. En este disco el hecho de estar en este formato no mejora nada, es una pérdida de tiempo. El master es realmente malo.
Si veis grabaciones de los 80 en sacd, desconfiad de su calidad.

Sometimes I wonder why some records are released in sacd format since they are not worth while. In this record, the fact of being in this format doesn't improve anything, it is a waste of time. The master is really bad. If you see recording from the 80's, don't rely on the good quality.

Saludos / Regards

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Review by dobyblue July 25, 2007 (5 of 6 found this review helpful)
Performance:   Sonics:
Despite the rather odd change in the running order I am continually impressed by this disc which has been in my collection for some time now.
I remember looking forward to hearing Mercy Street in SACD and it did not disappoint. The quality of this recording is excellent from start to finish. The bass lines in Sledgehammer, That Voice Again and In Your Eyes feel like Tony Levin is right there in your living room.
Cymbals and high end are crisp and have great resolve. There are no issues with cranking this recording, it is clean and clear, an excellent example of stereo SACD.

My only fault with this recording is that they did not make a multi-channel mix of it. The SACD multi-channel mix on "Up" is brilliant. On "Play The Videos" Daniel Lanois and Peter Gabriel did some excellent 5.1 mixes and every video is presented in DTS 96/24, but to put it in persepctive if I'm going to listen to In Your Eyes I'll take the 2 channel stereo version over the DTS 96/24 version because the fidelity is noticeably better.

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Review by analogue April 16, 2009 (3 of 4 found this review helpful)
Performance:   Sonics:
Every Peter Gabriel fan knows this album. Everyone is familiar with Sledgehammer, right?? It was his first true breakthrough song as an independant artist.. There are at least 5 outstanding songs on this sacd and the album as a whole is very strong.

Soundwise this is a decent upgrade over the cd and has a more solid feel to it. What one must know is that it was recorded digitally and I believe that it was certainly not high resolution digital recording. Still all in all the sound is steady, enjoyable and solid. The bass is deep but not overwhelming. The soundstage is average and Gabriel's voice is fairly solid and expressive. There is some instrumental layering but mostly its all blended together. But given the limitations of the actual recording we cant complain. Its good just not outstanding.

This is a great album and I believe the sacd is a very good purchase if you dont pay to much for it. It sounds better then the cd for sure.


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Review by musicavenger July 14, 2009 (0 of 15 found this review helpful)
Performance:   Sonics:
One of the best records of all times dont released in a multichannel version?

They lost the tapes? are what?

How many records deserves to be released in SACD?

Not to much but there are many horrible records relased in multichannel format.

The problem with the SACD format is that theres no to much good quality pop/rock music

to be released.

Thats because is a mainly Classical Jazz format

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Review by gregs1104 January 30, 2010 (3 of 5 found this review helpful)
Performance:   Sonics:
This SACD is a disappointing step backwards from the quality of the earlier Gabriel albums on SACD. The "Melting Face" SACD sounds immensely better than this one does. SACD "So" seems a touch cleaner for some reason than the original CD, but it's not a big change. And I hate the running order on this version. Definitely an optional purchase.

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