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Reviews: Thin Lizzy: Black Rose

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Review by Quint September 22, 2011 (6 of 7 found this review helpful)
Performance:   Sonics:
For my money, “Black Rose” is the best album Thin Lizzy ever cut, surpassing notables like “Jailbreak,” “Bad Reputation,” and “Chinatown” in one of the deepest and richest catalogs in all of hard rock and heavy metal.

When Universal Japan announced they were releasing “Black Rose” as one of their single-layer SACDs, I about wet myself. As a monster Lizzy fan, I always longed for their albums on hi-rez. Most of the redbook remasters are decent enough, but they’re not SACD.

Well, what do I think now that I have it in hand? Let’s just say this: It doesn’t stagger the brain nor does it disappoint. Like every pressing of the album I have, on LP or CD, this SACD lacks bass. I have a feeling that’s just how the master tape is, though—if there’s no water in the well, it ain’t comin’ up no matter how hard you pump.

The good news is that there’s minimal compression—you can really stress the plaster with this one! And there’s a lot of detail; you can clearly hear the complex interplay between Gary Moore’s and Scott Gorham’s guitars, and every inflection and nuance in Phil Lynott’s voice comes through like a bell.

All in all, I think this SACD pressing comes close to doing full justice to the magnificence of “Black Rose.” It’s not perfect, but it’s good enough for me. I look forward to more Lizzy SACDs!

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Review by Marpow August 16, 2015 (1 of 3 found this review helpful)
Performance:   Sonics:
Thin Lizzy: Black Rose: A Rock Legend. SHM SACD Stereo Only.

Note, The correct title for this disc is, Black Rose: A Rock Legend. I have been a big Thin Lizzy fan and this disc is worthy of anybody's rock music collection.

Quick Facts: The 9th studio album, released in 1979 but after the epic 1978 Live and Dangerous LP.
I usually don't list the entire band in my reviews but the Thin Lizzy band line up is tortured with back and forth changes from the beginning and no line up would even last a touring year. This line up, Phil Lynott, Bass, Brian Downey,Drums, Scott Gorham, Guitar, Gary Moore, guitar. One would be wise to do some internet reading on the Irish rockers Thin Lizzy, quite a story. My particular SHM SACD released 5-25-2015, I think that the SHM SACD has been re released now 3 times. My catalog # UIGY 9640.

Performance: The best band at the Twin Guitar sound in rock history, there signature. Lynott continues to drive home his song writing with family, his daughter, song "Sarah", Irish life and Celtic history, "Roisin Dubh (Black Rose) A Rock Legend" and of course with all there hit LP's the theme of being tough, fighting, loving, are all here in this one great disc of power driven music backed by a lot of fun. Lynotts, vocals, superb and his bass really is the third guitar. Huey Lewis plays harmonica on two tracks, Sarah and With Love.

Stereo Sonics: The previous review is very good and Quint gets right to the point and actually his review was what got me to make the purchase. In my previous reviews I would include DR values, but the site owner made a discouraging remark to me about doing that. I will now start putting DR values with my reviews as for the common hobbyist as myself I find it a good piece of information within my reviews.
The DR for this title SHM SACD is 11, that is quite good. Now for my ears.
I listened at a very comfortable 70 decibels, 88.2KHZ, PCM, HDMI outs. I very much enjoyed all 4 times I listened prior to my review. I felt very excited while listening, I loved how Lynott's bass drove every song, I could envision the very wide sound stage that went well beyond my speakers, the opening track will immediately tell you, I am in for a treat. From a critical listening point of view the treble can sometimes waterfall over the midrange and the bass is always good, just some tracks better than others. Drums are always a little recessed, they are there, just that I wanted a little more boom than they had. The twin guitars are awesomely up front and super crunchy, really good. Vocals including background vocals are a tiny bit trebley, but this is only from critical listening. Outside of some critical listening imperfections this disc is stellar and I absolutely loved it being the Irish/American rocker that I am.

Packaging: Plastic jewel case. I believe the release before this one might have come in the little Japanese box. Single paper liner notes with track listing, band info, and original recording notes. Mini Japanese booklet with Japanese notes and English lyrics.

5 stars for awesome performance and 4.5 stars just because of notes above, I could easily have given 5 stars for stereo sonics.

Big thanks to the reviewer before me which again, was the sole reason for my purchase. I completely agree, WE WANT MORE THIN LIZZY IN SACD.

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