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Reviews: Bach: Brandenburg Concertos, Orchestral Suites - Suzuki

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Review by Stanbury December 10, 2009 (0 of 30 found this review helpful)
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I have not heard this set, but it has been reviewed recently (11/24/09) at by David Hurwitz. Hurwitz writes quite favorably of the set, assigning a 10/10 rating. It isn't clear whether he reviewed it in 2-CH or MCH, but I assume he did both, which leads to the ratings given above.

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Review by lkypeter December 27, 2009 (4 of 9 found this review helpful)
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This recording of both Bach's Brandenburg Concertos as well as his Orchestra Suites were beautifully executed. I would give full marks to the recording engineers who place me at the front row of the players. It is OK for chamber music to be front rowed in my opinion but not an orchestra as it would have been too over-coming.

The playing was technically par-excellence but seems to lack a bit of the gregarious nature of Bach's music and for the Branden Concerto, my top mark for artiste still goes to Trevor Pinnock as he seems to have captured the mood of Bach well.

Did not test the multi-channel as I listen only to stereo.


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Review by chopchip June 25, 2010 (2 of 13 found this review helpful)
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i first listened to the orchestral suites and they sounded quite nice, not what i am used to but i think it was well performed. then i put on the brandenburg concertos and when the first one started i thought there was something wrong with my stereo but no, the trumpet just blows everything out of the water, maybe ill get used to it but on first listening im not very pleased with the loud intrusive overbearing crass sounding trumpet. also i think the packaging is a little sloppy having the discs in paper envelopes doesnt seem like the best way store them. as im listening to the second mvt of the first concerto the hair stands up on my back. maybe im just not used to it but these are just my first near the end of this mvt the tempo slows down to a crawl.not sure what to think my first impression though is that it sounds kind of amateurish.

i posted the first mvt of concerto 1 on youtube if you want to listen to it

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