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Reviews: Joe Beard: Dealin'

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Review by DeSelby April 16, 2005 (0 of 8 found this review helpful)
stereo sonics: very good sound

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Review by Marpow August 9, 2015 (3 of 4 found this review helpful)
Performance:   Sonics:
Joe Beard: Dealin'. Hybrid SACD Stereo Only.

My previous review of Joe Beard: For Real, tells the same story as this disc, so for review purposes I will not be redundant and this companion review should be included with my review of Joe Beard's 1997 For Real. This disc released in 2000.

Performance: The same 6 guys are together on this disc. You can tell they have now played together enough that they can take on a more heavier and lively Chicago style blues then there previous release. Joe's voice seems stronger, more confident, more soulful, plain ol better. Track 6 and 13 with Joe and his electric guitar is an absolute gritty, heavy masterpieces. You have to stop what you are doing to listen. A pure and great blues performance. He seems to have the ability between guitar and amp recording in 2000 to sound like 1940.

Stereo Sonics: I guess I am forced to write the same thing twice as this disc along with the previous are standout recordings. What you hear are, the wood of the stick hitting the cymbal, the air breathing through the Hammond B-3, depth and width of stereo. Track 4 with organ solo comes at you from behind then goes into two speakers like right speaker is right hand and left while at the same time being as one, beautiful. Because this disc's more heavy performance I was comfortable listening louder at 73 decibels and was clear as day. Still at 88.2Khz, PCM, HDMI outs.

Packaging: SACD plastic jewel case. Liner notes give you a good history of Joe, telling the story as he choose to raise his 5 kids first and start his career later in life. An additional insert explaining the virtues of DSD recording to SACD. All recording notes, tape, mics, etc.

13 tracks of a real blues man who took the time to raise a family. He deserves everyone to know what a great recording this is. 5 stars all the way.

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