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Reviews: Genesis: And Then There Were Three

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Review by Rage April 21, 2007 (3 of 3 found this review helpful)
After listening to this SACD (stereo layer only), I have to agree with the previous review regarding the sound of the drums. Which vocals and other instruments are crisp and clearly presented in the mix, I can't help but feel that the drums are mixed too low and that they lack some "umph." In fact, for all of the albums I bought (Duke, ...And Then There Were Three & Abacab), I found myself investigating the DTS surround mixes (which I almost NEVER do) in search of something a little bit extra out of the low end.

I also agree with the previous reviewer regarding the dynamics. Perhaps I expected the breathtakingly real dynamics that I have experienced on other remastered SACDs, but these new mixes just don't deliver those goods. That is not to say that they don't sound excellent because they do...they just don't register as high as some others out there that I have heard.

All of this being said, I am picking nits here. If you a fan of Genesis, pick this SACD up immediately if you haven't done so won't be disappointed.

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Review by TheProf August 22, 2011
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Much as I like the album 'Then there three' on my original LP, I can't say the SA-CD is a joy to listen too. I listen on 5.1 and stereo, and on both mixes the dynamic range is compressed to the point where its just too loud - and fatiguing on the ears. There hasn't been enough effort to bring the mastertapes into the 21st century. All Genesis albums sound flat and crappy. It if wasn't for the good songs I would not bother with them. There is almost no bass to speak of, and that is something that could have easily been addressed. What bass there is is extended ok, but its feeble. The dreadful habit of spreading the instruments all around you and concentrating them on the rear speakers is very annoying. Phil Collins voice is quite well represented on the centre channel which sound ok. But the real bug bear is the crushed dynamics. That is a crime for a SA-CD release, and in my opinion a waste of time. I don't know how the other Genesis SA-CD remasters sound but this one hurts my ears.

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Review by wiggy57 October 8, 2014 (1 of 2 found this review helpful)
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Listening to both the SACD & DVD-Audio, I have to admit, after one listen, I prefer the SACD to the DVD-Audio. I find the rear channel on the DVD-Audio a tad to high. I have only just bought this title from ebay, and will give this disc more plays. Most of the tracks on this album I like, at least 70% of it. The audio so far is very good, especially like I said, on the SACD, but it is good to have a choice. Maybe they will correct the audio levels when this album arrives on Blu-Ray Pure Audio.

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