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Reviews: Bach: Overtures - Suzuki

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Site review by Geohominid October 10, 2014
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Review by Windsurfer December 15, 2005 (3 of 5 found this review helpful)
I am not really qualified to pass judgment on Suzuki's Bach. However I can recognize superior sound when I hear it and this has it in spades. As to my take on the performances, the reason I disqualify myself is that I really don't care for "period" performances...the slow movement's sound is typical of period instruments...whining and wailing, not beautiful at all to my ears. Compare the slow movement of Suite # 3 on this set with Marriner's. On the other hand the fast movements are simply attention riveting. I only listened in Multi-channel. The sound, as I said is exemplary. The rear channels lend concert hall atmosphere, not the sounds of instruments which is as it should be. For those who enjoy period instrument performances I think this is exemplary. For others, it is worth owning just for the slendid sound.

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Review by mwagner1962 January 1, 2006 (10 of 10 found this review helpful)
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Well, I have been reading some "stuff" on Suzuki's Bach performances, but did not pay all that much attention....until I saw this SACD sitting on the shelf at my local store. I thought long and hard, since I already owned the totally stunning Boston Baroque/Perlman Bach Overtures (Telarc SACD-60619)....

Since I had a $20 credit I decided to take a walk on the wild side and buy it as I would be able to compare two orchestras playing the same music on period instruments....both on SACD!!!

Needless to say, I was totally blown away by this BIS SACD. There is air, space, dimension, warmth, emotion, sound the BUCKETFUL!!!!! I too am not qualified to "professionally" comment on Suzuki's interpretations, but there is as much emotion in Suzuki's reading here on this SACD as there is in Perlman' in my humble opinion, Suzuki scores high points in my book. I like the pacing and flow here as much as I do on my Telarc.

I do not have any strong aversion to period performances on the orchestral music of Bach, though I still look forward to a future SACD of this music on current instruments for a simple comparison.

Will I keep both SACD recordings?? You betcha!!! Would I recommend both to folks??? Once again, you betcha!!!!


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Review by nickc January 27, 2006 (2 of 2 found this review helpful)
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BIS have wisely placed no.3, in my opinion the greatest of the suites, first on this disc - immediately trumpets ring out regally and resplendently, then at the 3' minute mark the violins burst on to the scene - great stuff!
The suites are collections of dance-like movements with a large overture introducing them. Suites 1,3 and 4 have about twenty instruments yet suite 2 is more intimate - about 6 strings and a flute. Liliko Maeda is the excellent flautist in this work and is perfectly balanced vis-a-vis the strings. If the final badinerie doesn't get your toes tapping there is something wrong!
These are period performances so don't expect the smooth strings of, say, the Academy-of-St.Martins in the Fields.
The sound in MC is just about perfect, with trumpets ringing out when required and the harpsichord discreetly balanced in the ensemble.

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Review by tubadanm January 9, 2009 (4 of 4 found this review helpful)
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I bought this SACD by accident... I had a gift certificate that was burning a hole in my pocket. I already owned the suites performed by the Academy of Ancient Music with Christopher Hogwood, but I had never really gotten into them. I bought this on impulse because it had gotten such good reviews and I didn't yet own any of the CMJ recordings. Well, I wasn't let down. The sound is crystal clear. I've only been listening in stereo for now, but it sounds like I'm sitting right beside everyone. The trumpets are clean and articulate and they resonate so beautifully. The flute soloist is delicate but spot on. The upper strings sound nearly like a single violin, the tuning is so good. The tempos chosen don't let the pieces drag at all, but aren't speedy. Everything is just right about this recording. I'm glad that it is my introduction to Suzuki and the CMJ.

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