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Reviews: Piazzolla InTime - InTime Quintet/Tampere Philharmonic Orchestra

Reviews: 4

Review by raffells December 18, 2004 (1 of 1 found this review helpful)
Performance:   Sonics:
Initial reaction after a couple of plays is that this is very entertaining light classical ish high quality recording..The Finnish? In Time Quintet which includes a Bandoneon (squeezeBox)has a semi French feel to variously orchestrated Tango based arrangements made by the Violinist of the quintet,,,still following this?..and the Tampere Philharmonic with no brass section adds a bit of body.... The whole feel of each of these pieces is more akin to either a TV or movie background ..Each of the front five get an opportunity to shine in the 11 pieces orchestrated and the recording of tones and details is excellent..enough variety in styles to keep you interested.....Well I waited and waited for someone else to review this before making my purchase.Always interested in adding something by a new composer to my collection I didnt really know what to expect and was only initially disappointed on some minor points....The case is only a standard Cd case,the music is less than 49 minutes and the details of the works ,composer et al are non existent.Though we do get Titles and a full list of the orchestra.!recording team and photographer etc...Dave

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Review by nickc December 18, 2004
Performance:   Sonics:
Funnily enough Dave I bought this a few weeks ago and was going to review it yesterday but got distracted by the cricket! I agree with your review; this is a fairly short (49 minutes) disc of tangos dressed up in orchestral garb with five soloists up in front.
The sound per se is good; I listen in MC and actually had to turn the rears up a few notches from
-4 to 0. Playing is excellent though when the bandeneon comes on it really seems to be anchored in the front left speaker and can drown out nearly everything else!
There are some slower, more reflective pieces interspersed between the tangos.

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Review by eesau February 4, 2005
Performance:   Sonics:
Great recording with excellent sonic performance in 5.1 multi-channel audio. Music
is performed with excellent skills and emotional interperetation.

To be highly recommended. I did not know that we have this kind of multi-channel
recording expertise in Finland.

Listen to the sound of oboe at the beginning of Oblivion ... this is where
multi-channel audio is at its best. Vocals and solo instruments located in
front of you cannot be reproduced like this with stereo playback. And this
is not just golden-eared listener's imagination but the natural ambience is
reproduced here.

Long live multi-channel audio!

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Review by gonzostick March 29, 2010 (2 of 4 found this review helpful)
Performance:   Sonics:    
Piazzolla... the man who invigorated the Tango Porteño with his Nuevo Tango idea...

Take the lyricism of the tango, a music born in the whorehouses of the Argentinian port, almost at the same time as jazz was born in New Orleans, then add it to circle-of-fifths chord progressions reminicent of Vivaldi, spiced with the extended harmonies of jazz, and finally, the learned counterpoint of a Boulanger student, who can almost do the Rachmaninovian trick of extending melodies and cadences, while still creating sad melodies in a typical tango idiom, that have lovely melodic surprises at almost every turn...

That sort of begins to describe the music of Ástor Piazzolla.

This disc has been playing in my home, with its 5.0 sonics, for days. It is simply LOVELY!!!

Yes, the sound is typical of a radio station studio and there are NO concert-hall acoustics here, but the playing sings and all the musicians have the style and spirit of this music in an astonishing way!!!

There are a few other Piazzolla discs on SACD that completely get the notes and miss the style. In tango, like in flamenco, proper style and rubato is indispensable.


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