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Reviews: Snow Patrol: Final Straw

Reviews: 3

Review by Marc P October 26, 2004 (1 of 5 found this review helpful)
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For everyone complaining there isnít enough indy/rock music coming out on SACD this is a must have. Snow Patrol are an excellent in band. And this is a great record. This record is packed with great tunes.

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Review by DSDPhile April 29, 2005 (0 of 2 found this review helpful)
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I picked this album up because it was Snow Patrol, and I think they are great. I could not believe they had an SACD, so of course I bought it. It is sonically superior to the CD, which I also bought months before.

The SACD stereo layer really does not showcase the possibilities of DSD, but it still sounds great. There are some slight details in track transitions, or quieter moments of songs, that reveal elements that are not as evident with the CD.

I am interested to know how well they arranged the multi-channel.

This definitley is a must-have for SACD enthusiasts with Indy-Rock tastes.

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Review by mandel May 24, 2005 (3 of 3 found this review helpful)
Performance:   Sonics:  
I bought this not being sure what I thought about Snow Patrol. Having heard some singles they seemed to be a bit of a Coldplay ripoff; a couple of listens to this album later I discovered they have matured far beyond that. The albums mix of driving rock riffs (driving at cruising speed) and layered guitars produce that irresistable ethereal sound that just begs for a surround treatment. My obligatory critism would be that the music isn't vastly inventive, just plain good!

Multichannel sonics: The most standout thing about the surround mix on this album is that it never stands out. There is a significant amount of use of the rears but it's well integrated. Likewise with the centre channel, prominent but never too obvious. The LFE is used, but not heavily. The album doesn't benefit vastly from hi-res but it does sound smoother than 16/44

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