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Reviews: Beethoven: Symphony No. 6 - Bernstein

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Review by analogue July 22, 2015 (4 of 8 found this review helpful)
Performance:   Sonics:
1980/ 5 tracks/ 44 minutes

My favorite version of this famous Symphony is that conducted and recorded by Bruno Walter in 1958. The Sony sacd is excellent if not ever so slightly bright (in a good way). There are those pundits who feel that Bruno's interpretation is over blown and OVER THE TOP but I don't feel that way.

I was somewhat surprised that Bernstein's performance reminded me of the Bruno recording in both tempo and tone.It might not be exactly as passionate but its close. This version is to my liking far more than the living stereo and pentatone sacd's.

The sound quality of this new Dsd transfer is very, very good. The volume must absolutely be turned up loudly to achieve the full effect of the recorded sessions. It has good soundstage and upper frequencies. What I liked most about it is that for once Bernstein was very disciplined and didn't shot himself in the proverbial foot, as it were, by out thinking the work. He is completely spot on and I did not find any fault with regards to changes or tempo. In fact this is my second favorite version of this work. The fact that its on DSD/ Shm Sacd in a new transfer is a great bonus for fans of this work.

I highly recommend this Shm Sacd. If you are a fan of beautiful classical work...LOOK NO FURTHER.

Play this disc loudly.

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