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Reviews: Miles Davis: Sorcerer

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Review by analogue June 5, 2015 (7 of 8 found this review helpful)
Performance:   Sonics:
1967/ 7 tracks/ 40 minutes

Miles Davis and his music was slowly changing as was the regular jazz world by the time this album was released. Thus far of the Mofi releases of the Miles Davis discography Sketches of Spain is the best sounding sacd. This sacd is very special sounding.
This new sacd of Sorcerer comes a close second. Sound wise its a stellar sounding disc. No matter how fast and seemingly convoluted the music gets the actual transferred sound is always clear and concise.

One of the highlights on this disc is the drum work by Williams that has to be heard on this sacd. All of his little cymbal touches and bombastic fills are felt as well as heard with great transparency. I don't need to mention that the trumpet work and sax are also fantastic.

The last track features some abysmal vocals that are not only schmaltzy but completely inconsistent with the Davis cannon of music. Thankfully it only last a tad over two minutes. What were they thinking???? At one point I thought they got Kermit the frog to sing. I kid you not.

As per the usual track selection this album features slow and fast songs. With the volume increased the listener is met with a very respectable soundstage, excellent trumpet and sax sound and an open and airy mix. I have virtually no complaints except that the bass does get a little lost in the music when it gets extremely busy.........and it does.

Highly recommended for Davis fans or fans of this particular releases.

Excellent job Mr. Britton

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