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Reviews: Earth, Wind & Fire: Open Our Eyes

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Review by analogue June 13, 2015 (4 of 5 found this review helpful)
Performance:   Sonics:  
This particular album finally gelled with the group and its fans and started their fantastic run of great R and B/ Soul classics.

What's not to like?? SOUL/ POP AND FUNK with awesome vocals that are almost spiritual in their flavor.

I like to be picky so I'll log down the negatives on this sacd. First of all the original recording is rather plain sounding and laid back. If you might believe that this disc has great, deep bass...think again. It doesn't. Soundstage?? Average at best. Stereo imaging is decent but again.......the use of stereophonic sound in the mix is a little......well laid back and not present most of the time. Do the individual instruments really stand out like the best recordings. Nope. A tad lackluster there too.

Well what is good on this sacd??? Why should you buy it???
First off.......its still highly musical and this is what matters. Second vocals are richly layered and this is a great thing. And matter how high you crank this sounds good all the way through. From start to finish this is a nice journey. No it wont slap you across the face the way the very best sacds do but you will still be enthralled providing you crank this sacds volume level.

Thus I recommend this disc for fans of the band and those wanting this album in their collection.

Yes its a tad Plain Jane and very, very mellow but its still great to listen to.
Must be played extremely loud.

Good job Mr. Hoffman. Lets hope for subsequent releases of the groups discography.

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