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Reviews: The Guess Who: The Best of The Guess Who

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Review by old hippie March 12, 2015 (4 of 5 found this review helpful)
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Just received this today and I want to get this reviewed while my thoughts are fresh. This is an excellent multichannel SACD. The mix gives a lot of separation between instruments and vocals. On some of the tracks, there is quite a bit of panning on the lead guitar which I can't say I heard on older two-track stereo mixes. Some tracks also have more of a quad mix than others...what I mean by that is that the separation seems stronger on some tracks than others. With my hearing damaged from years of loud music and exposure to loud fire in the military, I don't always pick up on tape hiss. I heard very minimal hiss on this reissue. For anybody that might be reluctant to buy this after what happened on the BS&T reissue that had radio edits, rest assured that these are the full-length versions.

If Audio Fidelity can keep up the quality of these multichannel SACDs, I'll become a regular customer for these just as I was for their gold discs of the past. Oh, one last thing. Play this loud. I had to play this at a higher volume than other discs I have.

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Review by Marpow March 14, 2015 (6 of 7 found this review helpful)
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The Guess Who: The Best of The Guess Who Hybrid Stereo/4.0 Multichannel

I have mixed feelings with this Audio Fidelity 2014 release. I am torn with liking this single disc from 1971. I'll move forward.

My AF #2388, this original 1971 release with 11 tracks are hit songs from this Canadian group, from four different albums.
1969 Wheatfield Soul, 1969 Canned Wheat, 1970 American Woman, 1970 Share The Land. The 11 tracks actually play in chronological order of these four album releases.

Performance: Great, casual, radio hits, that had there day. Good band and vocals. Nothing that I personally can hang onto except they are enjoyable as music from the past, but not iconic.

Stereo Sonics: Really good. Usually I like listening to the stereo portion in car but this time I listened on home unit. Great clarity and mix, solid bass and drums that resonate. In stereo mode and mch the drums are mixed a little too soft, they sound like they are 20 feet behind the band.

Multichannel Sonics: Absolutely superb. Very active 4 speakers and a very active sub which I like. Lots of front and rear action. Vocals on some tracks will come center rear and on others front center. Little nuances that play beautifully between the 4 speakers. Listening to this remix that is so well done I never cared, needed or missed the center speaker. EQ balance is perfect. A 1971 disc taken from 4 separate albums brought to us in 2015 (at least for me) is actually quite remarkable. Good job to the guys in the studio. One tiny negative the vocals, when turned up can, at times, be shrill.

Packaging: Typical AF plastic jewel case with paper slip cover. Separate mini RCA paper poster. Mini paper liner notes with photos. Minimal information but enough to give you an idea of recording pre and post information.

In the End: Honestly, I just think I am not a big enough fan of the band to be ecstatic. Hearing these tunes over the years one at a time, is just great, but all at once not as good.

AF really nailed the remix and production and I was impressed with the 4.0 mch.

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Review by Rickko April 8, 2015 (4 of 4 found this review helpful)
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