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Reviews: The Grateful Dead: American Beauty

Reviews: 4

Review by tdunster December 12, 2014 (6 of 7 found this review helpful)
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The HDCD version of this album is somewhat compressed but sounds far better than it's DR Database scores would indicate. For that reason I held out on buying this sacd because I thought any improvements would be minimal at best.

Thankfully, I was wrong. This disc is far better than the HDCD and well worth owning.

Sound wise it's ultra clean sounding and a very laid back relaxing listen.

Ripple has never sounded so good.

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Review by aubullience December 12, 2014 (7 of 7 found this review helpful)
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I'll strongly second the recommendation for this disc. Having long owned the dvd-a of this album that Micky Hart mixed (though admittedly only having heard its stereo presentation), I wondered how much better the Mofi disc would be. The answer, in my opinion: much, much better. While lacking some of the interesting deviations Hart made from the standard mix, this one is just much better in every other way, and has jettisoned the annoyingly reverberant studio ambience of the dvd-a. While I liked Hart's strengthening Lesh in the mix, he substantially overdid it; this sacd does justice to the bass's contribution. The imaging, balance, micro-dynamics, and timbre are all top-notch for a recording of this vintage, and while I've heard this recording (a real favorite of mine) countless times, I was certainly drawn in anew. While I haven't always been impressed by Mofi's releases, this one was done just right. Other than perhaps the 45 rpm vinyl version, which I haven't yet received or heard, of all the editions I've acquired over the years (seven and counting, including the Mofi, dvd-a, a few lps, and a couple cds) this will be the one to which I listen going forward.

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Review by analogue May 12, 2015 (3 of 4 found this review helpful)
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1970/ 42 minutes/ 10 tracks

The Dead is a group that I didn't take a liking to right away. Their music grew on me slowly over time. I like Folk rock with a touch of country but was their music travelling music that should be kept in the background??? Was it herb smoking music to chill out to??

I have since determined its just good music all around regardless of what you listen to it for. The Dead are simple musicians in that they are not complex to understand. They do not create profound music ala the Beatles.....nor are they psychedelic in nature. They create simple, pleasant and enjoyable vibes to relax with. Essentially feel good music.

That's what this album is.........totally mellow feel good stuff.

I am very impressed with this new Dsd transfer by Mobile Fidelity. Not only that but also very surprised. A loud shout out to Shawn Britton for his terrific work on this disc. Lets be honest here......there are many times where a Mofi sacd transfer can sound a tad muffled or dark. There are many times where there is simply a certain quality to the sound that does not permit of the highest marks. But on this new sacd.....the overall sound is awesome. Full, rich and lots of air........some might say a touch of brightness is added as well. The overall recording is ever so thin but not weak. The layering of instruments and voices are also impressive.

The sound has great openness and transparency. I found it hard to believe this was recorded all the way back in 1970. The tape source is pristine.

A very good mellow journey of an album.

Excellent work Mr, Britton. Highly recommended. One of Mofi's best overall rock sacd transfers.

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Review by siebrand November 17, 2015 (0 of 3 found this review helpful)
Performance:   Sonics:
The music of the Grateful does not need many words. It's almost always cheerful, and if not, it is reflexive.
Garcia was a great guitarist, but if we listen to the other members of the band you realize that the various Lesh, Weir, Pen, Hart, Kreutzman were not outdone.
Here also appears Grisman and it's always a pleasure to listen to.
Some say that THIS is the best disk of GD....
I do not know if it is so...but if you like folk/country/bluegrass can play it safe.

The remastering of this gem is very successful. The detail is not missing, good scene, excellent dynamics and everything holds some "analog" flavor of heat that makes you insert this SACD very often in your CDP

Go for it!!!!! ..

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