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Jacintha: Jacintha Is Her Name      
"Jacintha Is Her Name (Dedicated to Julie London)" Jacintha (vocals) Harry Allen (tenor) Ron Eschete (guitar) Larry Bunker (vibes) Bill Cunliffe (piano)
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Jacintha - Lush Life      
Jacintha - Lush Life Jacintha (vocals) Bill Cunliffe (piano and string arrangements) Darek Oles (bass) Joe LaBarbera (drums) Dmitri Matheny (fugelhorn) Anthony Wilson (guitar) Frankie Marocco (accordion)
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Jacintha - Autumn Leaves        
Jacintha - Autumn Leaves Jacintha (vocals) Teddy Edwards (tenor saxophone) Kei Akagi (piano) Darek Oles (bass) Larance Marable, Joe LaBarbera (drums) Anthony Wilson (guitar) Will Miller (trumpet) Artie Butler (Hammond B-3 organ)
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Five Songbirds      
"Five Songbirds" Esther Ofarims Jacintha Patricia Barber Ayako Hosokawa Marie Nakamoto
First Impression Music
Jeremy Monteiro: A Song For You Karen        
"A Song For You Karen" Jeremy Monteiro
First Impression Music
Jacintha: The Girl from Bossa Nova      
"The Girl from Bossa Nova" Jacintha (vocals) Bill Cunliffe (piano, arrangements) Darek Oleszkiewicz (bass) Tim Pleasant (drums) Harry Allen (tenor saxophone) John Pisano (guitar) Paolihno Da Costa (percussion)
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Jacintha: Love Flows Like A River      
"Love Flows Like A River" Jacintha (vocals) Iskander Ismail (piano and arrangements) Tony Makarome (acoustic bass) Adam Lee (guitar) Alex Abisheganaden (guitar on "3 Years") Anthony Wilson (guitar on "I Have An Affair") Yap Shu Mei (violin on "Lover's Tears") Yew Hong Chow (harmonica) Boon Gee ... more
Harmony Records
Jacintha goes to Hollywood      
"Jacintha goes to Hollywood" Jacintha (vocals) Iskandar Ismail (piano) Larry Goldings (Hammond B3, piano, accordion) Darek Oles (bass) Joe LaBarbera (drums) Anthony Wilson (guitar) Ron Stout (trumpet) Ricky Woodard (saxophone) Aaron Serfaty (percussion) John Campbell (vibraphone) The Whistler, ... more
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GRV 1040-3
Jacintha: Best of Jacintha      
"Best of Jacintha" Jacintha
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GRV 1042-3