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Claire Martin: Perfect Alibi      
"Perfect Alibi" Claire Martin
Linn Records
AKD 149
Claire Martin: Take My Heart      
"Take My Heart" Claire Martin (vocals) Paul Stacey (guitars, keyboards) Jeremy Stacey (drums) Noel Gallagher (acoustic guitar) Jason Rebello (keyboards) Mornington Lockett (clarinet, saxophones) Gareth Williams (piano) Arnie Somogyi (double bass)
Linn Records
AKD 137
Claire Martin: Too Darn Hot!      
"Too Darn Hot!" Claire Martin
Linn Records
AKD 243
Claire Martin: When Lights Are Low      
"When Lights Are Low" Claire Martin (vocals) Richard Rodney Bennett (piano & vocals)
Linn Records
AKD 260
Claire Martin: He never mentioned love      
"He never mentioned love, The Songs of Shirley Horn" Claire Martin
Linn Records
AKD 295
Claire Martin: A Modern Art      
"A Modern Art" Claire Martin (vocals) Gareth Williams (piano) Laurence Cottle (bass) Nigel Hitchcock (alto sax) Mark Nightingale (trombone) Phil Robson (guitar) James Maddren (drums) Chris Dagley (drums) Sola Akingbola (percussion)
Linn Records
AKD 340