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  December 18, 2014

The title 'Magnificat' might make some collectors perceive this to be a disc of sacred music; not so, despite its cathedral recording venue, but it certainly is a choral one, with the addition of a palette-cleansing treat of a piece for solely for string orchestra. Kim André Arnesen (b.1980) is at ... more
  December 14, 2014

The success of RCO Live's first disc featuring RCO's brilliant brass players () gathered requests for a follow-up, and here it is, complete with the punning title "Brass Too", as not all the pieces were initially composed for brass. The programme is as adventurous as that of the first disc, and was ... more
  December 10, 2014

Christoph Prégardien and Challenger Classics have been major suppliers of superb Lieder recordings in SA-CD, and recently Julian Prégardien joined the family, as it were, with his own highly rated solo song disc for Myriosmusik (). It was inevitable that father and son would make recordings ... more
  December 7, 2014

Most of us have not thought of the Silk Road since history lessons at school. British composer Douglas Bostock has a reputation for assembling little-known music for his programmes, and with Coviello he has produced an interesting production which provides a lucid summary of the history of the ... more
  December 1, 2014

The first recording from Eudora, a new Spanish label dedicated to highest standards in terms of sound quality, musicology and design, was indeed hailed as extraordinary (see ). They will only be issuing a few discs a year, so I was waiting to see if there was to be another splendid effort next in ... more

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