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Hymnus - Dahl      
  June 2, 2014

Anders Eidsten Dahl's selection of Scandinavian organ pieces here is based on a question. Did the organ's tremendous range of expression touch some composers during important phases of their lives? For Oslo-born Carsten Carlsen (1892-1961), his career as an organist began at the age of 16 and for ... more
  May 24, 2014

The Dutch mezzo soprano Cora Burggraaf graduated with distinction at the Royal Conservatoire in The Hague in 2002, and pursued her vocal studies in London at the Royal College of Music and the National Opera Studio. She has been the recipient of many prizes including the 2009/2010 ECHO Rising Star ... more
  May 20, 2014

This disc sets out to capture the spiritual output of a unique organ in the Church of the Transfiguration Orleans, Massachusetts (dedicated in 2000). The project of the Catholic Community included decorations such as stained windows and paintings depicting the entire biblical story. ... more
  May 14, 2014

Should you adhere to the belief that musicians should only play exactly what a composer writes, then read no further. Looking at the cover you might suppose that it is one of those record-making piano orchestras, with twelve pianos corresponding to 'The Twelve Pianists'. Not so. This group works on ... more
Excursion - Sunnarvik      
  May 13, 2014

This inventive programme results from a chamber recital of players of the Oslo Philharmonic, led in this case by bassist Erling Sunnarvik. The double bass has a relative dearth of original pieces, so we must expect some arrangements, done skilfully in this case by pianist Nils Lundström. Add a ... more

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