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  January 28, 2015

This disc could be a tribute to Sir Malcolm Arnold (1921-2006), an English composer of exhilarating music in most of its forms. His output included including 132 film scores, nine symphonies, seven ballets, two operas, 20 concertos, a considerable quantity of chamber music and various works for wind ... more
  January 26, 2015

The young Schumann Quartett, consisting of the brothers Erik, Ken and Mark Schumann along with Estonian violist Liisa Randalu, has impressed audiences worldwide. Ars Production have been very astute signing them for their wonderful tone, impeccable ensemble, intriguing programme construction and ... more
  January 24, 2015

An attractive and informative programme of string music from just before to the First World War to just before the start of the Second World War, when the state of music was as active as the political situation of that time. The 15-20 members of Camerata Nordica have already produced a superb disc ... more
  January 18, 2015

Mention Johannes Brahms, and it is likely that his large forms and towering masterpieces come to mind. The symphonies, Ein Deutsches Requiem and the chamber music are seemingly permanent occupants of recording sessions and concert programmes. But relatively little attention is payed to Brahms' vocal ... more
  January 14, 2015

The two Telarc/Teldec albums concatenated in this SA-CD were recorded in 1978 in the Severance Hall of Cleveland, Ohio. Their Soundstream Digital Tape Recorder captured the sessions with a sampling rate of 50kHz. From these tapes Teledec made masters for vinyl and later RBCD. These media were almost ... more

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