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ja, vi elsker       
  April 30, 2014

This year (2014) is the 200th Anniversary of Norway's Constitution; the oldest constitution still in action after that of the USA. On Constitution Day, 17th of May, the whole country will be celebrating. School bands march through the streets, joined or watched by others - also marking the onset of ... more
  April 29, 2014

For those outside Scandinavia, Norwegian classical music generally means Edvard Grieg, known to the listening public mainly thorough his Piano Concerto and two orchestral suites from Ibsen's Peer Gynt. However, many musicians, professionals or amateurs, will have performed some of his smaller works. ... more
  April 21, 2014

Listening to the eight symphonies of Karl Amadeus Hartmann (19051963), successively and within a short period of time, is truly a uniquely memorable musical experience. Thanks, then, to the foresight of Challenge Classics in recording the full set and issuing them as superb stereo and multichannel ... more
  April 17, 2014

Oslo Kammerakademi are back, after their stunning Beethoven for Wind Octet disc (). The band comprises some of Scandinavia's leading wind soloists under their Artistic Director and initiator Friedemann Strunk, solo oboist for the Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra. His companions are principals or ... more
  April 12, 2014

As a genre, the string quartet is not central to Nielson's output of chamber music. There are some early apprentice works but he gave opus numbers to only four quartets - Op. 13 (1887-89) in G minor, Op. 5 (1890) in F minor, Op. 14 (1897-98) in E flat major and Op. 44 (1906) in F major. There is a ... more

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