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  December 1, 2014

The first recording from Eudora, a new Spanish label dedicated to highest standards in terms of sound quality, musicology and design, was indeed hailed as extraordinary (see ). They will only be issuing a few discs a year, so I was waiting to see if there was to be another splendid effort next in ... more
  November 27, 2014

Here is an intriguing disc of what might loosely be called fusion music, recorded live early in 2010 at Oslo's Rockefeller Concert Hall by the Norwegian Radio Orchestra. The Rockefeller is a music and entertainment complex in down-town Oslo, including Rockefeller Music Hall (capacity: 1350). The ... more
  November 18, 2014

Considerable thought seems to have gone into this recording, and its attractively designed cover picture has more than superficial relevance to the music and its originators. Wilhelm Schnarrenberger (1892-1966) painted the original of the desolate "Winter Landscape in the Black Forest" in 1941 at ... more
  November 14, 2014

The organ in the parish church of Uranienborg at the west end of Oslo is the latest to be visited in Albert Bolliger's tour of Historic Organs. Latest in both senses, for the church's first organ (by August Nielsen) dates to 1883, but its modern Kuhn organ only dates to 2009, one of the youngest in ... more
  November 5, 2014

This final volume of Langgaard's complete String Quartets has, according to Dacapo, two world première recordings. The success of the Nightingale String Quartet has also been hailed world-wide for so expertly assuming the mantle of Rued Langgaard's visionary music. In September 2014 the Nightingale ... more

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