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  March 24, 2015

This is the third volume of Marcus Bosch's much praised projected complete set of Dvorák's symphonies with the Staatsphilharmonie Nürnberg. The Third and Seventh symphonies on thisSA-CD are the two shortest of Dvorák's symphonic output. For some unstated reason, the Seventh comes first on the disc. ... more
  March 10, 2015

Max Bruch's career was knocked off the rails by the phenomenal reception of his First Violin Concerto Op. 26 (1866). Although he wrote and spoke continual protestations that his other violin works were just as good, the musical establishment, including concert promoters, condemned or ignored the ... more
  February 25, 2015

Through the ages, Christians have celebrated the Christmastide festival with music. At first with chants, litanies and hymns (some of which are still used, mainly in Church services), then in the early Middle Ages the French devised a circle dance called a carol, which was voiced and danced mainly ... more
  February 18, 2015

World famous Irish mezzo-soprano Dame Ann Murray retired from the Concert Hall in 2011, and now (2013) she brings her long list of Lieder recordings to an end by returning to the studio after a decade. She has compiled a fine farewell programme of her favourite Lieder for us, which is accompanied by ... more
  February 15, 2015

Ole Kristian Ruud is well-known for his excellent cycle of Grieg's orchestral music issued by BIS. Not many listeners, however, are aware that from 2006 to 2012 he was the Director of the Staff Band of the Norwegian Armed Forces, establishing the band's reputation internationally. He has returned as ... more

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