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  August 15, 2014

The Six Partitas (BWV 825–830) were the first in a series of works for keyboard instruments that Bach published under the general title of Clavier-Übung (Keyboard Practice), beginning in 1726 when Bach was consolidating his appointments at St. Thomas Church and as the director of music in Leipzig. ... more
  August 6, 2014

La Nuova Musica is a vocal and period-instrument instrumental ensemble based in England. They are dedicated to reinvigorating the music of the European Renaissance and Baroque, an aim which has been going from strength to strength across the globe and is highly praised. In an immaculate production ... more
  August 5, 2014

Hansjörg Albrecht is one of our most versatile and technically gifted organists, an expert at concocting programmes or even creating them from his own often spectacular arrangements of symphonic music. The contents of this album fall into the latter category, in which he visits some well-known ... more
  August 2, 2014

At the time of leaving his Birmingham appointment, Finnish conductor Sakari Oramo was awarded the coveted Elgar Medal of the Elgar Society. Its purpose is to “recognise those, who are neither natives nor citizens of the United Kingdom, who have done much to further the reputation of Elgar and his ... more
  July 23, 2014

A problem with the huge popularity of these two A minor piano concertos is that listeners can become jaded with repetition, and this can also happen to conductors, orchestras and soloists alike. Well, a young prize-winning Finnish soloist, who is rapidly gaining his international reputation, joined ... more

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