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Johnny Cash at Folsom Prison      (2 of 3 found this review helpful)
  February 10, 2003

Some earlier reviews on Audio Asylum discouraged me from buying this disc due to its sonics. Well, I saw it for a good price--and bought it. I forgot about why I hadn't purchased it before. I played it and then Taylor's JT. Wow! What a difference. The Taylor SACD is lightyears better than Folsum ... more
The Rolling Stones: 12 x 5        (1 of 1 found this review helpful)
  February 9, 2003

In the mid 1960's when this album was released it was both 10 years after it's time and showed a glimce of the future. The album includes recordings that were originally written and recorded by other groups in the 1950's or early 60's like Under the Boardwalk, Susie Q, and Around and Around. On the ... more

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