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  Review by Rickko Today 09:34 pm

A number of albums from The Moody Blues were released in the SACD format in 2008. One glaring oversight was the failure to release Long Distance Voyager (from 1981), and one of their best, in SACD. This omission was corrected in 2014 with the SHM SACD release by Universal Japan. Perhaps it was worth ... more
  Site review by Castor Today 01:26 am

This is the third marvellous release of Vivaldi Violin Concertos from Rachel Podger. On the two previous issues she was partnered first by the Polish group Arte dei Suonatori ( La Stravaganza) and second by Holland Baroque Society (La Cetra) , but here for 'L'Estro Armonico' it is her own superb ... more
  Review by dmonds Yesterday 10:37 pm

Well, I like Dire Straits, however this album was not a favourite...please read on. I own this album on CD and a mate lent me his SHM SACD. What a difference. ("of course!" I hear you say) Let me be brief...the CD is ok. The SACD is much more fatigue...and the clarity and tight bass ... more
U.K. - U.K.    
  Review by DelicateSounds March 3, 2015

What a great addition to the SHM-SACD catalogue, U.K's eponymous release is a true landmark progressive rock album. The transfer of a personal favourite to DSD can bring a lot of expectations, and plenty of skepticism, even if prior releases on the label have been solid. Luckily, I was always smiles ... more
  Review by Oliver_twist March 3, 2015

Friedemann is a guitar player and his work is a mix of jazz, new age, world music. It is very interesting, and very nice to listen to. The tunes are very musical and instrumentation is top notch and this type of music gains a lot in hi rez multi channel. The previous MC album was The Concert, which ... more

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