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Barber: An American Romantic - Conspirare          (3 of 5 found this review helpful)
  Review by JJ January 13, 2013

Nowadays more than ever, music lovers know well that the vocal work by Samuel Barber is an important part of his repertoire. This is what Joshua Shank emphasizes in the introductory text of the present recording: “Samuel Barber’s (1910-1981) today star shines brightly at the pantheon of 20th century ... more
  Review by JJ January 13, 2013

Glinka (1804-1857) and Tchaikovsky (1840-1893) are on the menu of this SACD, with for the former, the Great Sextet for Piano and String Quintet in E flat major in three movements, dating from 1823, the Divertimento on the Themes of Bellini’s “La Sonnambula” for piano, the Quartet for Strings and ... more
Handel: Arias - Lorraine Hunt Lieberson          (0 of 9 found this review helpful)
  Review by benvandyk January 12, 2013

just use the other guys reveiw on this disc. Im not a classical fan. that gal has a nice voice. im glad I have more amps and speakers. the volume is a little louder than normal. but the recording is at a constant level. I like that and I dont think Ill play any thing after this gal. its true it ... more
  Site review by Geohominid January 12, 2013

An inspired pairing of two Strauss works which may not have previously appeared together. They should be paired, for they are related. The Alpine Symphony was completed in 1915, and Strauss immediately began work on finishing his opera 'Die Frau ohne Schatten' which he had started in 1911. The opera ... more
John Coltrane: A Love Supreme      (2 of 2 found this review helpful)
  Review by progboy January 12, 2013

John Coltrane - A Love Supreme , SACD A masterpiece of musical expressionism and one of my most beloved jazz albums ! This album has been reviewed a million times and considered by jazz affectionados as one of the pinnacle jazz album so not uch really to add. Essentialy this is Coltrane doing ... more
  Site review by Castor January 12, 2013

This is the first recording of Janacek's Glagolitic Mass to appear on SACD and for that reason alone it is most welcome. The Mass, stemming from the last decade of the composer's creative life was written at great speed in 1927 - though seeds for it were sown at least a year earlier. It is one of ... more
Creedence Clearwater Revival: The Concert        (1 of 1 found this review helpful)
  Review by benvandyk January 11, 2013

I think this disc sounds exellent. old school with no artificial reverb. played back nearfeild with 4 tower & 2 amps.nice speaker sound separation too. for 2 channel its recorded well. maybe its not recorded that loud because that disc just ended and metallica started playing in my changer. that ... more
  Site review by Polly Nomial January 11, 2013

An outstanding account in startlingly honest sound. A minor word of warning - this disc contains applause; on track 1 as Herbert Blomstedt is presumably making his way to the podium and on track 6 following the performance. As the symphony itself is contained on tracks 2-5, it is perfectly possible ... more
  Review by undertone January 11, 2013

The string quartet is alive and well-served in Dacapo’s recording of three recent works by Danish composer Anders Koppel. The program includes two quartets performed by the Sjælland String Quartet and a quintet featuring the mezzo-soprano saxophone in G, a newly-designed instrument built by Danish ... more
  Site review by Castor January 11, 2013

This is the fifth volume of Muzyka Polska – a valuable Chandos series devoted to Polish music and performed by the BBC Symphony Orchestra conducted by Edward Gardner. The first four volumes have focused on the music of Lutoslawski, but with this release the spotlight turns on his older compatriot ... more
Kitaro: Sacred Journey of Ku-Kai        (2 of 2 found this review helpful)
  Review by progboy January 10, 2013

My last encounter with Kitaro was his TENKU album which I grew tired of and eventually traded in years ago. After that I really didnt have a lot of interest in his music until one day hearing a sampling of this album and I knew I had to pick it up. I am pleased to report that I love this album and ... more
Bach: The Well Tempered Clavier I - Abdel Rahman El Bacha          (6 of 7 found this review helpful)
  Review by Fugue January 9, 2013

I concur: this is a wonderful set. The main information that I want to add, which might further explain the sound difference, is that the Ravel is multi-channel and this Bach release is stereo. In my experience, m-ch always has more bloom, and often more presence, than stereo. Oh, how I wish Triton ... more
  Review by undertone January 8, 2013

Taking a calculated risk, the members of B3 Classic Trio approach Bruch’s 8 Pieces and Brahms’ chamber masterpiece with an insistence on hearing the works anew. For open-minded listeners, the rewards of giving B3 a fair and patient audition will justify the effort. To understand the goal of this ... more
The Police: Synchronicity      (2 of 2 found this review helpful)
  Review by progboy January 8, 2013

Well i have owned Synchonicity a few times in my life.......RBCD......vinyl.......even remastered RBCD version from a few years ago, but this SACD mix sounds cleaner and has a deeper warmer feeling than all the previous versions. One of the immediate things is that I hear a another layer of ... more
  Site review by Geohominid January 8, 2013

It would be difficult to find a person who has had piano lessons at some time in their life and has never come across Mendelssohn's 'Songs Without Words'. There are at least 56 of them, published in 8 books or volumes, with a remainder of posthumous, unpublished or untitled ones. These short piano ... more
  Site review by Polly Nomial January 8, 2013

Audite have unfortunately released a disc that partially misfires here. Like La Belle Époque - Duo Lechner Tiempo, Mona & Rica Bard release a recital of French music for piano duo & duet - they overlap only in Scaramouche, yet the difference is telling. Audite have made a promotional video of a recent ... more
  Site review by Castor January 7, 2013

Anyone wishing for a coupling of these three Rachmaninov orchestral works need look no further than this excellent SACD recorded with the typical veracity that we have come to expect from the BIS label. Andrew Litton and the Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra open the disc with a powerful account of ... more
  Site review by Polly Nomial January 7, 2013

This enjoyable disc contains repertoire that is all new to SACD (if one can discount the Japanese re-release of the Beaux Arts Trio for Op. 11). Opening with the Trio for Flute, Bassoon & Piano, we find Beethoven in his most genial, Classical mood with few (if any) pointers to remarkable musical ... more
  Site review by Geohominid January 7, 2013

Swiss cellist Christian Poltéra is rapidly building a promising career, partly due to his recent sets of concerto recordings for BIS. Rather than following his peers and setting down all the popular classic cello concertos, he has opted to play lesser-known twentieth century concertos, pairing them ... more
Tomita: Planets (Ultimate Edition)        (6 of 6 found this review helpful)
  Review by windhoek January 4, 2013

This hybrid SACD contains stereo and 4.0 multi-channel audio and I think it's fantastic! In essence, Tomita's The Planets is an electronic rendition of The Planets by Gustav Holst. The idea of messing with a classic like The Planets might offend some, but not me - I love it! His interpretation is ... more
  Site review by Geohominid January 4, 2013

I haven't had the pleasure of encountering the Oslo Kammerakademi before, and on the evidence of this SA-CD, I have been missing some superb wind playing. Formed in 2009, the band comprises some of Scandinavia's leading wind soloists under their Artistic Director and initiator Friedemann Strunk, ... more
Whirling Dance - Sharon Bezaly        (1 of 1 found this review helpful)
  Review by MrKyle January 2, 2013

The last reviewer did a great job of highlighting the work on the album itself, so I will briefly hit on the sonics and mixing job. It is superb. The arrangement and orchestration of this performance will really help you hear what a multi-channel SACD can bring to the table. I think it is ... more
American Mavericks - Michael Tilson Thomas        (12 of 13 found this review helpful)
  Review by seth January 2, 2013

In my view, the main attraction here is Edgar Varèse masterpiece, "Ameriques." A bold and thoroughly original work, its genius is that it has no narrative or thematic development, yet it feels like there is some kind of story being told, that the loud outbursts and repeated motifs are representative ... more
  Review by shindolab January 2, 2013

This SACD stands absolutely on the TOP of reissues of old mastertapes. I have never heard this interpretation ( i love it for more than 25 years) in an comparable sound. The sound is full, clear and you can listen to the music without being disturbed from an insufficient re-recording (remastered by ... more
Beethoven: Piano Sonatas Nos 12, 13, 15, 24 & 27 - Kodama          (4 of 4 found this review helpful)
  Review by Adrian Cue January 2, 2013

With the exception of sonata no. 27, this two disk set is a selection of sonatas from Beethoven’s first decade (1792-1802) in Vienna; the Haydn-Mozart inspired or influenced ‘classic’ period, covering about half of his 32 sonatas. For most, these sonatas may not be a top choice, but it certainly ... more
Michala Petri with The Danish National Vocal Ensemble      (2 of 2 found this review helpful)
  Review by larsmusik December 31, 2012

(Following is an excerpt from my review for Choral Journal, published by the American Choral Directors Association:) Danish recorder virtuoso Michala Petri had collaborated with a choir several times during her career, but she found her 2007 experience with Swedish composer Daniel Börtz (b. 1943) ... more
Rolling Stones: Get Yer Ya-Ya's Out        (1 of 1 found this review helpful)
  Review by progboy December 31, 2012

The Rolling Stones - Get Yer Ya-Ya's Out SACD Lots of controversy and speculation on this album over the years has music historians and critics still very much split on opinion. Some say this was the greatest live album ever...while others shutter at the fact and cite the studio overdubs as a way ... more
  Site review by Polly Nomial December 31, 2012

For those in the Northern hemisphere, this aural respite from the cold, dark winter cannot be welcomed enough. For those in sunnier, warmer climates - just bask in the joy! Right from the opening bars of the “Light Calvary” overture, one senses this is going to be a very special disc. The dynamic ... more
Mahler: Symphony No. 2 - Nott        (6 of 8 found this review helpful)
  Review by wilbur December 29, 2012

I just bought this the other day after resisting for a while. I have 1,3,4,5,7 and 9 in Nott's series, and I think it is a truly wonderful achievement overall. I personally think 7 and 9 are the best performances I have heard. So, what of this Resurrection? Overall I am sad to say its really a bit ... more
Richard Strauss: Music from Salome, Elektra - Borkh/Reiner        (7 of 8 found this review helpful)
  Review by EdBoxer December 28, 2012

These are classics from Reiner and Borkh. Having owned this on LP and Living Stereo CD, I was not prepared for the vast improvement in clarity, dynamic range, spacing and color this SACD provides. I was blown away in the recognition scene when Elektra discovers it is Orest. The sound Reiner and ... more
Grant Green: Grantstand        (4 of 4 found this review helpful)
  Review by progboy December 28, 2012

Grant Green - Grantstand (1962). Analogue Productions SACD For those who prefer a little funk in their soul will love this jazz album !! And wow what a sound on this SACD too !!!! Grantstand was Grant's 3rd album for Blue Note and featured a rather rare mix of musicians.....Yusef Lateef on the ... more
Rachmaninov: All-Night Vigil - Klava        (7 of 7 found this review helpful)
  Review by audiovictim December 28, 2012

I've not written a review before, generally preferring to listen and enjoy the music, rather than analyse why I am enjoying it (or not as the case may be). However, my view of this performance is so different to that of the previous reviewer and I love this piece so much that I felt compelled to put ... more
Wanderer - Christoph Prégardien, Ensemble Kontraste          (3 of 3 found this review helpful)
  Review by undertone December 27, 2012

Pour a glass of Williams Schnapps and delve into an intriguing performance of 19th and 20th-century Romantic lieder filtered through the critical lens of the Second Vienna School. In 2010, tenor Christoph Prégardien and the Ensemble Kontraste developed a concert program for vocalist and ... more
Haydn: The Creation - Pearlman        (3 of 8 found this review helpful)
  Review by audio-grubi December 27, 2012

This sung German(?) is a TORTURE for all native speakers!
Haydn: String Quartets Op. 71 "Apponyi'" - Prazak Quartet          (7 of 9 found this review helpful)
  Review by analogue December 27, 2012

I recently purchased my first PragaDigital sacd several months ago and was pleasantly surprised at the sound and performance on that disc. I also wondered out loud if any newer discs by Praga would benefit from the new advances in Dsd and recording techniques. After listening to this new disc I ... more
Elvis Presley: Elvis 24 Karat Hits!        (6 of 8 found this review helpful)
  Review by analogue December 27, 2012

Elvis on Sacd. Who would of thought? I am a long time Elvis fan who always enjoyed his music. Unlike many others I never cared much for his showmanship.....his sex symbol magnetism......just his great voice. I was always let down over the years listening to Elvis on regular cd playback. It was ... more
Nektar: Live in New York        (1 of 2 found this review helpful)
  Review by progboy December 25, 2012

Nektar - Live In New York (1977) SACD Eclectic Discs Years ago I bought Nektar's "Live In New York" which was one of the worst sounding CD's I EVER bought. It was only later that I came to understand that this live concert was from a Radio broadcast German bootleg (at the wrong speed) that had ... more
  Site review by Geohominid December 25, 2012

"The highest artistic achievements in the realm of Russian church music". Praise indeed from a Russian musicologist for Rachmaninov's two masterpieces for unaccompanied choir. The Liturgy of St John Chrysostom Op. 31 (1912) and The All-Night Vigil Op. 37 (1915) are not the masterpieces of a pious ... more
Elvis Presley: Elvis 24 Karat Hits!        (3 of 4 found this review helpful)
  Review by raf72953 December 25, 2012

The sound of this SACD is near perfect as I have listened to it. I have the DCC gold disc release of this title and I believed that that was the best I could ever hope to hear Elvis' voice and music, but from the opening notes of "Heartbreak Hotel" thru "Suspicious Minds" as I listened to the SACD ... more
Mozart: Die Zauberflöte - Kuijken        (4 of 7 found this review helpful)
  Review by progboy December 24, 2012

I was seeking a good quality interpretation of Mozart's "The Magic Flute" ever since I bought my SACD player and Kuijken's 3 SACD set was always priced a bit out of my league until a few weeks ago when I found it NEW on Amazon for $ 14.98 US. It looks like since then the price has been jacked back ... more
  Site review by Geohominid December 23, 2012

This release's front cover of the third instalment in Brautigam's piano concerto series shows a precision measuring instrument being held over the wooden frame of a C18th piano. The photo represents the third stage in the BIS education process, "From Forest to Concert Hall: build your own ... more
Låtar, Swedish Folk Tunes - Johan Hedin & Gunnar Idenstam        (3 of 3 found this review helpful)
  Review by sacd-fan December 23, 2012

After having heared the Jukkaslatar SACD by Gunnar Idenstam, I wanted to have more of his sounds and found the Latar SACD. This project had been done by Gunnar before the Jukkaslatar recordings and with another label (Caprice instead of BIS), but it is really amazing to hear the „Gunnar organ sound“ ... more
Vivaldi: Il Cimento dell’Armonia e dell’Invenzione Vol. 1 - Dantone        (6 of 6 found this review helpful)
  Review by jeff3948 December 22, 2012

This performance has incredible energy, PASSION and excitement yet is restrained and exceedingly ethereal in the slow movements. There is incredible playing by Stefano Montanari on his baroque violin and he never gets ugly. His intonation is beautiful. The recording is incredibly detailed with ... more
  Site review by Geohominid December 21, 2012

Let's get the matter of a controversial cover photo of an axe-wielding lumberjack perched on a big log out of the way first. It actually shows an early stage in manufacture of a historic piano replica, extracting timber from a Linden tree for the hammers. On this disc, Brautigam uses a fortepiano ... more
This England - Kalmar          (2 of 14 found this review helpful)
  Review by ruxtonvet December 20, 2012

The sound quality of this disc is as good as SACD gets - especially the cuts from Peter Grimes. Try cut 10 "Storm". RVW symphony No. 5 is a snooze at least to me. This disc was recorded, mixed and mastered in the USA. I would to see them start recording the many top notch orchestras in the United ... more
Steven Vidaic: Hearts Look Twice          (2 of 3 found this review helpful)
  Review by hooperthom December 20, 2012

What an wonderful sound. vocals and instruments are so clear, nothing seems to be processed. Great use of surround, the whole band is all around and your right in the middle of them. I would call this disc more as a pop/rock and a couple of songs has a little country flare to it.
Tchaikovsky: Symphony No. 2 - Kitajenko        (3 of 27 found this review helpful)
  Review by samayoeruorandajin December 19, 2012

Forget it. Enjoy your own biases. Edit to add. Before this I had a great review of this disc here and yet some of you (2) made it a point to comment with your thumbs down. Well, good luck.
  Review by progboy December 18, 2012

I will never forget the first time hearing this live recording ........i picked it up from a delete bin a long time ago knowing very little about this extra special foward about 9 months ago my best and I were driving in his car from Montreal to Toronto listening carefully to this ... more
Music for two Organs      
  Site review by Geohominid December 18, 2012

Audite are doing a wonderful exercise of musical archaeology in their series of SA-CDs based on the music exchanged between the Habsburg Court in Vienna and the Abbey Church of Muri across the Alps at Mur in Switzerland, an establishment also connected with the Dynasty. Muri's rococo domed octagonal ... more
Zelenka: Sonatas - Ensemble Marsyas        (8 of 8 found this review helpful)
  Review by larsmusik December 17, 2012

This wonderful set of Ensemble Sonatas by Jan Dismas Zelenka (1679–1745) comes to us courtesy of Linn Records and an all-star band that calls itself Ensemble Marsyas. Not that it matters, but Marsyas was the satyr in Greek mythology who so excelled at playing reeds (the aulos, I presume) that he ... more
  Site review by Polly Nomial December 17, 2012

Mala suita or "little suite" was published in 1950 and has striking similarities to Stravinsky's Rite of Spring (albeit much more rhythmically easier than Stravinsky's iconoclastic masterpiece). Deriving much of the material from folk melodies, Lutoslawski is also tipping his hat towards Bartok ... more
Bob Dylan: Blood on the Tracks        (13 of 14 found this review helpful)
  Review by analogue December 17, 2012

A truly great Dylan album from 1974......a come back of sorts while paving the way for new expressiveness and what is most likely his last truly great release. I own the original Sony sacd and it has decent sonics. However having said that it is also compressed, a tad bright and severely etched in ... more
  Site review by Polly Nomial December 17, 2012

A fascinating and aurally delightful insight into the music of the violinist for whom Mendelssohn penned his greatest concerto. Opening and closing with duets for (a highly dominant) violin and piano, Stephan Schardt (formerly concert master of Musica Antiqua Koln) together with Philipp Vogler ... more
  Site review by Polly Nomial December 17, 2012

Another worthy addition to Blomstedt's cycle of the Bruckner symphonies. We are lucky to already have an outstanding account of the second symphony on disc from another cycle in progress () which also uses the 1872 version edited by William Carragan. If one looks at the total time, there is an ... more
Jennifer Lopez: On The 6      (0 of 5 found this review helpful)
  Review by benvandyk December 16, 2012

ive noticed there are no reviews on this disc. cost a lot now too. I dont care for 2 channel but with more speakers playing it sounds better I have an unusual set up for sacd. denons 5910 digital link to a denon 5805 9 channel rec. It says neo6 98k for out put. 7 speaker playback.2 channel analog ... more
  Site review by Polly Nomial December 15, 2012

Stunning. Just stunning. Right from the off, the Mendelssohn String Quartet No. 3 leaps off the page in one of the most dazzling displays of quartet ensemble I have been privileged to hear. The "Molto allegro vivace" is taken at face value and even at such a speed, the Mandelring's manage to honour ... more
  Site review by Geohominid December 15, 2012

Peeter Vähi (B. 1955) is an Esthonian composer with eclectic tastes and a questing mind. During his training he took interest in oriental music, as well as Baroque and electronic music. His compositions demonstrate an ability to merge the popular with the classical, in such pieces as his White ... more
Billy Joel: An Innocent Man      (0 of 3 found this review helpful)
  Review by hooperthom December 14, 2012

I have the Japanese version, not sure if its the same but to me it sounds wonderful, deep full bass, his voice is so clear. Only downside is that its only 2 channel.
  Site review by akiralx December 13, 2012

This is more like it - after his lacklustre La Mer on the companion Debussy SACD Karajan was back on form here. The Orchestre de Paris play very well, the sound is equally good - and more importantly the performances are really very fine. The highlight is La Valse which comes first, and is ... more
Norah Jones: Come away with me        (3 of 3 found this review helpful)
  Review by analogue December 13, 2012

I've always liked this album since it came out a decade ago. Just about the same time that I started buying sacd's. And as Ive mentioned many times before we newbies got the short end of the stick in supporting this new digital technology. By that I mean the many times we were getting ripped off as ... more
  Site review by Castor December 13, 2012

This is the fourth release in Valery Gergiev's cycle of the Shostakovich symphonies being recorded for the Mariinsky label. Now, for the first time, he has reached a work that he has already recorded with the same orchestra for Philips back in 2001. The Mariinsky Orchestra was then called the Kirov ... more
  Site review by akiralx December 12, 2012

A surprisingly soft-grained and undramatic La Mer from Karajan - this can't compare to his famous 1964 DG recording, and certainly not to Haitink's superb recording made around the same time as this one (1977) and which is available on an excellent Universal SACD. The Bolero (especially) and ... more
  Site review by Polly Nomial December 12, 2012

A life-affirming & thrilling disc from two pianists who clearly love every note. All the Piazzolla and the Jusid-Kauderer are arranged by either Pablo Ziegler or Federico Jusid for the two pianos that are caressed and toyed with in all manner of ways by Karin Lechner & Sergio Tiempo. Tiempo hails ... more
  Site review by Polly Nomial December 12, 2012

This is one of those discs where you just shake your head in disbelief about how it got released. Before dealing with the downside, first the positives. As always the singers that Kuijken engages are a delight to the ear and all phrase their lines with great musicianship as well as beauty. Kuijken ... more
  Site review by Polly Nomial December 12, 2012

Like her Liszt recital before (Liszt: Sonata etc - Polina Leschenko), this disc from Leschenko will likely delight as many as it frustrates. Opening with the two miniature Levitzki pieces, there is a beguiling insouciant character to Leschenko's playing and she manages to make the Valse 'Amour' melt ... more
This England - Kalmar        
  Site review by Castor December 12, 2012

The previous release from Carlos Kalmar and the Oregon Symphony Orchestra was something quite special , and if this new SACD doesn't quite measure up to the earlier disc it is no fault of the conductor, the orchestra or the excellent recording from the Soundmirror team. It is simply that each of the ... more
  Site review by Castor December 12, 2012

My dictionary defines a maverick as 'an unorthodox or independent-minded person' and one could not find a better description for each of the three composers featured on this stimulating and superbly recorded SACD from SFS Media. America has produced many such mavericks over the past century and ... more
Sonny Stitt: Blows The Blues        (4 of 4 found this review helpful)
  Review by Ritmoman77 December 11, 2012

I have subscribed to the Analogue Productions Verve SACD reissue series. This is the first one I am reviewing. The title is apt! Blues by a jazz saxophone master, in excellent form! The sound is excellent, clean, well balanced, very fine, LA, vintage Verve recording. I'm thinking this is the same ... more
Miles Davis: ‘Round About Midnight        (5 of 5 found this review helpful)
  Review by analogue December 11, 2012

This is Mofi's new release of this classic jazz album from the 50's. I have the original Sony sacd which has decent sonics. It also has bonus tracks which the Mofi doesn't have. This new Mofi is better but not by the huge margin I was hoping for. I think the reason is the recording itself. I ... more
  Site review by Castor December 11, 2012

Nareh Arghamanyan's first recording for the PentaTone label was an impressive Rachmaninov recital that showed her to be a pianist of great accomplishment and potential. She now follows this up with her first concerto disc for this label and it proves to be ... more
  Site review by Geohominid December 11, 2012

Bach's secular cantatas are gems of occasional music which take us back through time for a view of his place in social history. Employees of wealthy aristocrats were expected to celebrate their master on his name-day, or other such ceremonial goings-on. Bach certainly was no stranger to this; during ... more
  Review by progboy December 10, 2012

Well after all these medicore reviews how can i say anything good about this sacd release!!! I guess compilations are always subject to criticism ....songs left off and sure i would have liked myself other tracks but i am happy with this set to be honest. I only have peter gabriel security on ... more
Johnny Griffin: Introducing Johnny Griffin        (0 of 2 found this review helpful)
  Review by NesY December 10, 2012

Content is Mono despite packaging saying it is Stereo.
  Site review by Geohominid December 9, 2012

It is hardly surprising that Louis Vierne (1870 – 1937) became the ultimate developer of the Organ Symphony. He was first taught by César Franck, the pioneer of the French Romantic organ style, and then by Charles-Marie Widor, developer of the Organ Symphony. Both of these teachers worked with the ... more
Bob Dylan: Bringing It All Back Home        (2 of 2 found this review helpful)
  Review by progboy December 9, 2012

Bob Dylan - Bringing It All Back Home (1965), SACD "Bringing It All Back Home" was Dylan's first album in electric style and is one of the albums that was there for the big social change! :) It's easy to overlook this album I suppose today considering it was recorded over 40 years ago. But way ... more
Dire Straits: Dire Straits      (0 of 3 found this review helpful)
  Review by Digitalman December 8, 2012

Fantastic quality sound. Five stars !!!
Beethoven, Bruch: Violin Concertos - Grumiaux        (3 of 5 found this review helpful)
  Review by Kapharios December 6, 2012

The performance is superb, as all Grumiaux. The sonics are a bit disappointment, as the mixing sounds a bit artificial. This was an original quadraphonic recording and the violin sounds way to loud in comparison to the orchestra. It is still worth the money.
  Site review by Geohominid December 5, 2012

On this very welcome spillover from 2011's Liszt Year, pianist, conductor and orchestra all hail from Brazil. They generate a level of communication and musical understanding which culminates in remarkable performances of Liszt's two piano concertos and Totentanz. Arnaldo Cohen is hardly a ... more
Bartok: Concerto for Orchestra, etc. - Solti      (2 of 7 found this review helpful)
  Review by Digitalman December 5, 2012

What a kind of sacd !!! If you love Bartòk and his "Concerto for Orchestra" ... you really need to get this sacd !! My five stars for sound engineer Kenneth Wilkinson: incredible masterpiece !!!
Stravinsky: Le Sacre du printemps, L'Oiseau de Feu - Stravinsky      (2 of 7 found this review helpful)
  Review by Digitalman December 5, 2012

The best "Sacre du Printemps" that I have ever heard. This absolute wonderful sacd is a John McClure's technical masterpiece too !!!
Elton John: Tumbleweed Connection        (0 of 1 found this review helpful)
  Review by tdunster December 3, 2012

This sacd sounds wonderful and given how cheap it can be bought there really is no excuse not to own it. I own three CD versions of this but it's unlikely they will ever be played again. Highly recommended.
The Who: Tommy      (1 of 1 found this review helpful)
  Review by tdunster December 3, 2012

This will be the last version of Tommy you will ever need to buy. Analogues review above is right on the money and I can only endorse his and others enthusiasm for this wonderful disc. Highly Recommended.
  Review by Espen R December 3, 2012

For me, the past two reviews of this album is very strange. And I will explain why. I have the original CD edition of "Different Light". And my reference for Different Light is also the original LP that I have listened to several times. I can say that the original CD from 1986 sounds very much like ... more
  Site review by Geohominid December 2, 2012

Combattimento Consort Amsterdam, over the past 30 years, have gained a reputation as a highly respected period instrument ensemble, specialising in music from 1600-1800. Their flexible membership ranges from chamber groups to chamber orchestras, under their Director Jan Willem de Vriend, who is also ... more
The Beach Boys: Pet Sounds        (2 of 2 found this review helpful)
  Review by tdunster December 1, 2012

The HDCD version of Pet Sounds released in 2001 on Columbia / EMI was my first extended introduction to this album. On a HDCD player the 2001 release has a massive soundstage and exydes the wow factor to all listners. This SACD release is supposedly the same 1996 / 1997 stereo remix as that of the ... more
Stevie Ray Vaughan: In Step        (1 of 1 found this review helpful)
  Review by tdunster December 1, 2012

With repect to sound quality I'd totally agree with the points made my Analogue previously. It's a very balanced master with excellent dynamic range - that is really only limited by the standard of the original masters. Given that it's a hybrid disc ithis is a no brainer for any SRV ... more
Eagles: Hotel California        (2 of 3 found this review helpful)
  Review by tdunster December 1, 2012

I own this on mutiple formats and each format has it's pros and cons. The SACD version here is very similar to the DVD-A version although could be described as a touch brighter. In comparison to the original RBCD the SACD is both louder and brighter. It's not what I would call brickwalled or indeed ... more
  Review by tdunster December 1, 2012

This a great pseudo live album well worth owning on any format. The SACD version is the best I've heard of YA Ya's but it's a long way short sonically of many other SACD titles. For a stones fan this one is definetly worth owning but for those that reaLly only know the hits there are better options ... more
  Review by tdunster December 1, 2012

This is probably the best sounding disc of this Dylan SACD series. It has a very smooth characted and yet is in no way missing any detail as a result. The only gripe with this or indeed any of these Dylan SACD's os that they are probably a little louder than they need to be.
Elvis Presley: Elvis is Back!        (4 of 4 found this review helpful)
  Review by pontiac December 1, 2012

You wait years for an elvis sacd and then 2 come along at once! 24 karat hits along with this gem. Early elvis is always stunning and make no mistake this is a great disc. The soundstage is very big for a recording of this vintage. Elvis had a great line up of talent and top recording talent for ... more
Elvis Presley: Elvis 24 Karat Hits!        (8 of 9 found this review helpful)
  Review by pontiac December 1, 2012

Its been a very long wait for some elvis on sacd but at last its here! Being a major elvis fan i loved every minute of this disc. The tracks all sound so much better than any of the japanese paper sleeve collection or the shm/blu spec discs. The detail here is amazing. Certain tracks such as "love ... more
Cream: Wheels of Fire      (0 of 1 found this review helpful)
  Review by tdunster December 1, 2012

This SACd is far an away the best sounding version I have heard. Ginger Bakers drums will simply blow you away and both Bruce and Clapton sound delightful as well. This is by no means a great album, nor is it refernce quality sound - but with this SACD version I'm confident that those familiar with ... more
Fleetwood Mac: Rumours        (0 of 1 found this review helpful)
  Review by tdunster December 1, 2012

I'll make one thing clear from the start - I am not a Fleetwood Mac fan - at least not the lineup that made this album. Oddly enough though I do own the DVD-A version, an original CD version, and now the SACD version . The SACD version is hands down the best available and while not a massive ... more
Dire Straits: Brothers in Arms        (0 of 2 found this review helpful)
  Review by tdunster December 1, 2012

This is one of the first SACD's I owned and is probably the disc that got me hooked on SACD. Seven of so years later I can still say this a good recording - but it is not a great one. Firstly, it's rather bright / digial sounding, and it is also a rather loud / compressed recording. It never sounds ... more
  Review by tdunster December 1, 2012

Madman Across The Water is a wonderful album and certainly one of Eltons best. However, while this SACD version is definetly the one to own it is not perfect. Indeed, parts of Tiny Dancer, especially the vocal, can sound a little grainy. Don't get me wrong, this is the best you will ever hear Tiny ... more
  Review by tdunster December 1, 2012

I own several versions of this album and this SACD version is vastly superior to any of them. It never sounds bright and yet it doesn't lack detail either. Just an excellent recording with a soundstage that will blow you away. Highly recommended
Elton John: Elton John        (1 of 1 found this review helpful)
  Review by tdunster December 1, 2012

From the first note of your song I knew I'd made the correct purchase decision. Both instruments and vocals are handled superbly here and the soundstage is huge. I own several other versions of this album including some Japanese Mini-Lp's but I will never play them again after experiencing the sacd ... more
  Review by tdunster December 1, 2012

Glass Houses has been a guilty pleasure of mine for many years. As a teen it was one of my favourite albums and I've lost count how many times I have played it. Today I purchased the MFSL SACD version and I was not disappointed. This one has the signature DSD sound and puts to shame all previous ... more
Bangles: Greatest Hits      (1 of 1 found this review helpful)
  Review by ScienceGuy December 1, 2012

I have to concur with AUDIOPRO's review regarding this, in that the audio quality of this particular SACD is absolutely abysmal. First of all, please note that this SACD is only STEREO as opposed to 5.1-Channel SURROUND SOUND; which, by itself would not necessarily be that big a deal if not for the ... more
Elton John: Goodbye Yellow Brick Road        (1 of 3 found this review helpful)
  Review by tdunster November 30, 2012

I'm just going to cut to the chase here and say avoid this one unless you can find it very cheap. The main problem with this one is that it will make your ears bleed. What happened ? I'm not sure, because the other Elton John SACD's sound winderful. This one is just too loud and appears to distart ... more

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