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  July 20, 2015

One early manifestation of Arnold Schoenberg's admiration of Brahms as a progressive composer is his orchestration of the latter's 1st Piano Quartet Op.25 that he undertook in 1937. In a letter to the music critic of the San Francisco Chronicle two years after the premier Schoenberg gave a number of ... more
  June 29, 2015

The young viola player Dana Zemtsov's first disc for Channel Classics, entitled 'Enigma', immediately confirmed her as an artist of immense talent and musical intelligence. On that disc she confidently delivered an exacting group of compositions for unaccompanied viola that challenged both listener ... more
  June 27, 2015

Though the composer Alexander Scriabin (1874-1915) is most fêted for his piano music, his grandiloquent symphonic works are generally less highly regarded and, apart from the 'Poem of Ecstasy', are rarely heard in the concert hall. On this stunning new SACD from PENTATONE the latter work is coupled ... more
  June 16, 2015

Rather than issuing a disc made up solely of either Mozart arias or Mozart overtures, Linn have had the happy idea to combine the two for this beautifully performed and recorded programme that not only showcases the remarkable talent and musicianship of soprano Elizabeth Watts but also the stylish ... more
  June 15, 2015

In a number of respects this is the most interesting (and certainly varied) release so far in this series for Linn of recordings from Trevor Pinnock and the Royal Academy of Music Soloists Ensemble. As with the first two volumes and they explore chamber reductions of works written for larger ... more

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